How to Attract Clients for a Cleaning Service

UK’s Cleaning Industry is currently worth around £12bn, with almost 3 million households spending their well-earned money on well-deserved domestic help. To be successful, you do need clients and have an active online presence. Attracting new clients for your cleaning service does not have to be hard. If you provide an excellent service at a reasonable price, you will have no problem of people wanting to hire you. Get clients for a residential or office cleaning service by increasing your visibility by having a professional website made or a promotional explainer video, marketing materials and by asking for referrals from existing satisfied customers and offering coupons and discounts.


Why you need a professional website?

The identity of any business is a crucial, especially in the increasing competition. With a modern, high-quality website, you can increase some level of consistency and power among your clients. In this digital age, the smallest change can have a significant impact on the perception that visitors to your website have regarding your cleaning business. Keep your clients up-to-date by updating your website with new information and offers.


Promotional Video or Video Marketing

Cisco reports of all 82% consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021. All Businesses need to make video marketing an integral part of their business strategy, or risk being left behind on this competitive market.


Increasing Your Visibility

Hand out and print flyers, posters, business cards and other marketing materials that describe your business and provide a clear call-to-action, mobile, office telephone numbers and website details in bold text.


Advertise whenever and where ever you can! Your business might benefit by listing on as many online directories. Grow your business using google listings and AdWords for people who are actively searching for your business.

Email Marketing (just the way were are doing right now:-) to keep your audience engaged. Email Marketing is consistently cited as one of, if not the marketing channel that always delivers the highest return on investment.

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Author: Sam- Marketing Manager Raylight Visuals